Aquagrain Agricultural Benefits

  • Aquagrain enhances plant growth rates by 20% in good quality soil
  • Aquagrain is ideal for sandy soils, allowing plant growth in substrates as poor as builders sand
  • Aquagrain reduces the need for irrigation by up to 50%
  • Aquagrain retains it water absorbing qualities for up to 60 months before completely breaking down with no residual toxicity
  • Aquagrain slow releases soil improver over 4 to 6 months
  • Aquagrain reduces leachate reducing the amount of soil improver needed on first and subsequent applications
  • Aquagrain is a combination soil improver reducing the number of separate applications a farmer needs to make, as well as being a cheaper product than other combined crop treatments
  • Aquagrain can be applied using standard farming machinery
  • Aquagrain increases soil stability
  • Aquagrain production could reduce the fallen stock disposal costs for livestock farmers

Aquagrain Financial Benefits

  • Aquagrain manufacture uses commonly used production technology which could utilise existing facilities in the country of distribution
  • Aquagrain increases crop yields
  • Aquagrain reduces farmers fertiliser costs
  • Aquagrain reduces farmers irrigation costs
  • Aquagrain reduces farmers operating costs
  • Aquagrain could reduce animal waste management costs
  • Aquagrain could provide Animal Waste Processors a high value Meat by Product
  • Aquagrain could provide considerable profit margins when compared with other fertilisers, soil improvers and plain super absorbers on the market