The Process

The Cryomation fully automated process involves immersing a body in Liquid Nitrogen down to a temperate of -196 degrees at which point it becomes extremely brittle. The brittle body is Cryolated into small particles allowing for the removal of any surgical implants and other foreign material.

The water is removed by freeze drying, the remains are sterilised and put into a bio-degradable container, ready for burial in a much smaller space than traditional burial.

Those remains breakdown to nothing within 12 months, freeing up space for further burials.


Cryomation Environmental Benefits

  • Significant CO₂ reduction by replacing incineration
  • Significant CO₂ reduction because the process is powered by sustainably produced electricity with no fossil fuels used requirement unlike cremation
  • Significant reduction in burial land requirements
  • Complete reduction of toxic effluents caused by traditional burial
  • Allows drilled graves with significant reduction to plant root damage
  • Cryomation remains completely decompose but put back valuable lifecycle organic material
  • Increased Bio security by eradicating bacteria and viruses.
  • Uses reusable coffins which cuts down wood requirements and MDF pollution
  • Allows landmark burial removing the need for stone or metal monuments
  • Requires significantly less maintenance than Cremators or grave yards reducing long term carbon footprints
  • No Mercury pollution

Cryomation Benefits for Families


  • Cryomation offers a greener funeral alternative to traditional burial and cremation
  • Cryomation returns 100% of the body to the family compared with 2.5% in cremation
  • Cryomation costs no more than cremation
  • Cryomation fits better with more faiths than cremation including the Catholic Church
  • Cryomation does not affect any traditional legacy options
  • Cryomation offers more memorial site options
  • Cryomation is suited to increasing trends for alternative funeral arrangements
  • Cryomation remains are perfect to support a legacy plant and complete the circle of life
  • Cryomation offers our children and their children the chance of a brighter global future

Cryomation Benefits for the Funeral Industry

  • Cryomation units do not use increasingly expensive fossil fuels
  • Cryomation units have zero effluent waste streams
  • Cryomation units can be sited on any site with light industrial planning use
  • Cryomation units are less likely to attract hostility associated with incinerators
  • Cryomation is more suited to direct Cremation business models
  • Cryomation could be retro fitted into existing crematoria
  • Cryomation units are modular for ease of transport, installation and service
  • Cryomation units require a smaller footprint than most cremators and could be retro fitted into existing crematoria
  • Cryomation units will be leased top operators with 24/7 engineering support ensuring 24/7 operations
  • Cryomation operating costs will be comparable to Cremation with abatement systems
  • Cryomation remains require significant less land for burial
  • Cryomation remains can be put in a tube then buried in a drilled hole ideal for woodland and heritage burials.
  • Cryomation remains decompose completely within 6 to 24 months
  • Additional drying modules can be incorporated into the Cryomator, doubling capacity but only increasing lease costs by 30%