From R & D to Commercialisation

IRTL are now confident from results of laboratory, technical and agricultural trials, that the patented Cryomation and Biomation process as well as the Aquagrain designer soil improver product is ready for commercialisation.

IRTL now seek investors and commercial business partners to make the transition from its current research and development position to profitable commercial companies.

Regional Expertise

IRTL are particularly keen to talk to regional businesses who are involved in the funeral industry for Cryomation. Biomation are keen to talk to businesses involved in dead animal processing, fertiliser manufacturers and distributors, as well as growers with high irrigation and soil improvement needs.

IRTL are conscious that although Cryomation and Biomation processes conform to all current EU regulation, as a completely new unique products they may present some regional legislative issues.

IRTL are aware that regulation governing varies significantly across the globe and even interpretation of EU regulation can be different amongst EU members. IRTL would welcome investors or commercial partners, with knowledge of the regulatory requirements in their region.

Global Opportunity

IRTL believe the Biomation and Cryomation processes, along with the Aquagrain designer soil improver product have properties that could have significant global impact on the environment.

Replacing incineration funeral processes through Cryomation will significant reduce CO2 emissions as well as eliminate Mercury heavy metal atmospheric pollution. Replacing traditional burial funerals will significantly reduce the soil pollution along with land use.

Removing the need to incinerate organic material through Biomation, creating economically viable farming in poor soil areas, reducing water consumption, reducing soil toxification and significantly reducing CO2 and N2O greenhouse gases are serious business winners.