At present there are typically two options offered by the Funeral Industry for the transition to rest of loved ones; burial or cremation. Environmentally, ecologically, ethically and practically, neither of these methods are sustainable. Cryomation believe the world is now ready for a third, lower emissions funeral method.
Negative 196 degrees
The Cryomation fully automated process involves immersing a body in Liquid Nitrogen down to a temperate of -196 degrees at which point it becomes extremely brittle.The process then uses pressure to fragment the body into small particles allowing for the removal of any surgical implants and other foreign material.
20kg product
Further chemical and freeze drying processes produce sterile granular remains completely free of bacteria and viruses. A further accelerated composting option reduces the remains to around 20kg depending on the size of the body.

The key to the automated nature of the Cryomation process is the Cryomator

The Cryomator is the automated unit that processes the body. It has been designed to have no human intervention from the point the coffin is loaded into the unit until the packaged remains emerge after the process.

The Cryomator uses proven technology already used in the Food and Pharmaceutical industries where sterility and segregation are vital.

The Cryomator is totally clean with zero effluent streams.

A Cryomator with one Freeze Drying unit can handle up to 6 bodies per day. More Freeze Drying units can be added to the unit at reduced scaling costs.

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